Stoneware hollow test modelCollection of unfired stoneware models exploring spaces existing within enclosed spaces and voidsView of ceramics gallery from the kiln roomClose up of test pieces these small sections were the remnants of the hollowed formBack view of hollowed form left untouched creating a rawness to the fired objectFront view with porcelain slip exploration into fluid mark making and enclosed spacesKim working with monotones - this clay fires blackClose upSasha exploring forms that force fire and flames to move in to particular patterns. early research into designing bio fireplacesMichelle working with super ceramic fabric forms and glaze compatibilityLee building levels and layers of texture on to tiles exploring three dimensional qualitiesNaomi slab building with porcelain paper clay creating surfaces for mark making researchview into the ceramic studio from the gallerySelection of research modelsSelection of research modelsFired black clay with stoneware and porcelain